Press Release – September 18, 2023
For Immediate Release 

The Orthodox public affairs committee launches “happening Now” campaign to highlight christian persecution

Organization Produces a 15 Part Video Series to Air This Fall

NEW YORK, NY – The Orthodox Public Affairs Committee (OPAC) proudly announces the launch of its new campaign, “Happening Now”. This campaign aims to shed light on the ongoing persecution of Christians worldwide, an issue that often remains underrepresented and ignored in global discussions about human rights.

The “Happening Now” campaign is a testament to OPAC’s mission to advocate for Christians everywhere. It seeks to raise awareness about the widespread persecution of Christians and hopes to inspire action towards creating a world where all individuals can practice their faith freely.

Co-founder George Gigicos said of the campaign, “Our goal with ‘Happening Now’ is to bring attention to the serious issues facing Christians around the globe. This is not just about religious freedom; it’s about fundamental human rights.”


Andrew Veniopoulos, another co-founder, emphasized the campaign’s message, stating, “We are living in a time where religious intolerance and violence are rampant. ‘Happening Now’ is our response to this crisis, highlighting the urgency of the situation and our commitment to advocating for those affected.”

Nick Furris, the third co-founder, added, “We believe that awareness is the first step towards change. Through ‘Happening Now’, we hope to educate the public about the extent and impact of Christian persecution, encouraging them to join us in our efforts to support and protect our brothers and sisters in faith.”

Christian persecution is not an isolated issue; it affects individuals, families, and communities, causing fear and stifling progress. Instances of attacks on churches and churchgoers, religious intolerance, and violence against Christians are becoming increasingly prevalent in various parts of the world. These acts of persecution not only violate individual rights to freedom of religion, but they also destabilize communities and contribute to broader patterns of social and political conflict.

Through the “Happening Now” campaign, OPAC hopes to bring these issues to the forefront of public consciousness. By doing so, they aim to foster a greater sense of empathy and understanding among those who may not be directly affected by Christian persecution, thereby promoting a culture of respect and acceptance for all faiths.

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