What We Believe

Our Mission

The Orthodox Public Affairs Committee (OPAC) was established to provide public advocacy for the global Orthodox Christian Church, and to promote, support, defend and champion Christian communities worldwide in the face of persecution, exclusion, and prejudice. We are committed to defending sacred space, whether it be physical, intellectual, moral, or spiritual; to speak for the voiceless, to listen to the unheard, and to manifest the righteous causes of Christian Faithful everywhere.

Orthodox Christianity and Christianity in general are under attack by cultural misappropriation, discriminatory practices toward minorities, and direct persecution around the world. OPAC will address these conditions with forceful and honest advocacy to expose these anti-religious trends and garner support to reverse them where possible.

Our Vision
  • Connect across the Christian world to form a network that exposes egregious acts against the interests of Christians.
  • Facilitate collaborative efforts that unmasks bad actors in the mass and religious media.
  • Promote organizational cooperation with all interested parties who wish to work synergistically with OPAC.
  • Provide advocacy in the halls of Congress, and with governments around the world, through lobbying efforts to effect change.
Our Core Values
  • The Orthodox Church of the Seven Councils and Her sacred teaching
  • Commitment to honest and forthright exchange of information
  • Complete integrity, transparency, and accountability