Press Release – April 15, 2022
For Immediate Release 


Earlier this month, on June 5th, the Feast of Pentecost in the Western Church, at least fifty people were murdered at the St. Francis Catholic Church in Ondo State (southwestern Nigeria), and the priest of the Parish was kidnapped.

This follows the Holy Week Murder of Fr. Ferdinand Fanen Ngugban and six other Christians on March 30, 2022, just following the celebration of the Mass. This attack occurred at his parish church of St. Paul Ayetwar in Benue State.

The Orthodox Public Affairs Committee (OPAC) calls on the Government of Nigerian President Buhari to protect its peaceful Christian population – the largest in Africa – from extremist terrorist violence. There are no attacks by Christians upon other religious groups in Nigeria.

The continuous targeting of Christians during principal religious holidays is beginning to feel like Nigerian state-sponsored terrorism against its own citizens and it must stop!

OPAC calls on the United States Department of State to insist on measures to protect Christians within Nigeria, and for the Government of Nigeria to root out extremist terroristic elements within the Nigerian State that are clearly tolerating this inhuman and horrific persecution of peaceful Christian citizens.

Truth Lives in Light!