Press Release – July 24, 2022
For Immediate Release 

OPAC Urges CorporationS to continue SUPPORTING

Five months into the devasting and illegal invasion of Ukraine by Russia, Ukrainian refugees, numbering in the millions, are seeking to maintain their survival in Western Europe. With every passing day, their needs and the urgency of their situation dissolve before the media story du jour. Yet, these refugees need our support, our advocacy, and our sustenance just as much now, as they did at the beginning of this horrendous war.

Many hard-working Ukrainians are being taken advantage of by corporations exploiting the fragility of their new-found status as refugees. A case in point is the squeeze that Anheuser-Busch InBev is putting on its cohort of Ukrainian employees in Brussels. As pointed out in a recent story in The Brussels Times, promises made by this largest beer company in the world to its Ukrainian refugee workers have been thrown into question.

This is one example of how not to be of help to refugees in this frailest time of their lives. The Orthodox Public Affairs Committee (OPAC) calls for social and humanitarian responsibility from all parties dealing with refugees: corporations, NGOs, and above all governments. As we must not forget the suffering Ukrainian refugees, we must also not exploit them. Truth lives in light!