Press Release – February 22, 2022
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The Orthodox Public Affairs Committee (OPAC) was established to provide public advocacy for the global Orthodox Christian Church, and to promote, defend and champion Christian communities worldwide in the face of persecution, exclusion and prejudice. We are committed to defending sacred space, whether it be physical, intellectual, moral or spiritual; to speak for the voiceless, to listen to the unheard, and to manifest the righteous causes of Christian Faithful everywhere.

As such, we strongly condemn the actions being taken by the Russian government in Ukraine and urge calm and the protection of the holy cathedrals, historic monasteries, and churches throughout Ukraine. Ukrainians and Russians are brothers and sisters in Christ, and no government should pit them against each other in a state of war. OPAC mourns for the needless death of the already 14,000 perished in the Eastern regions of Ukraine; and stands with the Ukrainian People and their national sovereignty. We must not let war and the exigencies of politics interfere with the life of the church in Ukraine. OPAC stands with all people of faith in Ukraine and prays for the safety of her holy spaces and her people.